BLANKTURE Production Policy

How & where we produce our products and which materials we use is very important to us, as the way we produce and consume have a lasting impact on our planet and every being that inhabits it.

This is how we look at it:

 Products should be produced close to us

By adhering to this policy we are minimising the amount of carbon dioxide emissions related to the product both in terms of main product transport and emissions from flights taken to suppliers for product development purposes. 

Choose materials wisely

Making a material choice is always a careful balancing act, they all have environmental, social & ethical impacts to consider. We therefore take time and care to select the best ones for our pieces bearing in mind the effects on our world, design needs and demands. 

We also look closely at the production process from start to finish to ensure we have a full overview of the production impacts.

Tip: In our material section you can find more in depth information about which materials we use and why.

Work with suppliers that share your values

We partner up with suppliers that also believe: 

  • Products should be made with love and passion to the best in class standard
  • Working environment must be safe 
  • An environmental policy is in place
  • Minimising the carbon footprint is vital
  • Full transparency about where materials come from and their production processes 
  • We can always do better when it comes to environmental impact

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or want to make us aware of a breakthrough environmentally friendly material at: